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Gary Walker


As a remote and hybrid work specialist, I help organisations transform their ways of working by embedding digital and remote working practices and increasing the adoption of digital tools. With a profound focus on streamlining information access, optimising digital tools, and fostering a culture of remote-first excellence, I contribute to improving communication, productivity, wellbeing, and work flexibility.

I’m not just enthusiastic, I’m experienced. With over 20 years of experience leading strategy, design and delivery of digital products for financial services, telecommunications, and start-up organisations. I have successfully built and nurtured remote teams for over a decade and have the expertise to help you do the same.

Co-author of Ready for Remote, a quickly digestible playbook written long before the pandemic made remote work a necessity rather than a choice.

Naturally curious, I continually explore and experiment with new ways of working and technologies that support these. I am passionate about wellbeing and humane technology.

Honoured to be named as one of the top 50 experts under the Remote Innovator Category in the 2023 Remote Influencer Report - The ultimate guide to the most inspiring and influential thought leaders in the world of remote work.



Remote & Hybrid Work Consultancy, specialising in empowering remote teams through purposeful knowledge management and digital transformation. My mission is to enhance your digital employee experience by streamlining information access and optimising remote-first ways of working and digital tools. With a focus on diagnosing issues, identifying tailored solutions, and facilitating effective change management, I'm dedicated to helping your organisation thrive in the dynamic world of remote and hybrid work.

Digital Employee Experience & Knowledge Management
Elevate your remote work experience with this purpose-driven knowledge management expertise. This service focuses on empowering remote teams through purposeful knowledge management, streamlining information access, and simplifying the digital employee experience. By diagnosing issues, identifying solutions, and facilitating effective change management, I ensure increased adoption of remote-first ways of working and digital tools. The outcome is an environment where employees can easily and quickly find the information they need, leading to reduced chaos, enhanced productivity, and improved clarity.

Customised Company Handbook
Experience a remote-first way of working with a customised company handbook. My expert guidance will help your organisation embrace asynchronous communication, reduce meetings, and optimise digital tools for increased efficiency, focus, and reduced distractions. This tailor-made playbook equips your team with the knowledge to navigate remote & hybrid work seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and productive remote work environment.

Digital Tools Analysis & Adoption
This comprehensive digital tools analysis and adoption service evaluates your current toolset, optimises them, and provides expert advice on enhancing communication, collaboration, meetings, and employee wellbeing. By equipping your teams with the right tools for their roles, I streamline processes and elevate the overall employee experience, ultimately increasing productivity and fostering a positive work culture.

Your Remote Work Partner
I bring an extensive network with diverse expertise across all aspects of remote and hybrid working. From knowledge management to digital tools optimisation, I am here to support all your needs, helping your organisation thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.



“Gary is a world-class operator and innovator. He played a pivotal role in implementing and scaling a knowledge management system + culture at Andela, taking the company from zero to one in an area that's critical for shared understanding and collaboration. He then led function leaders to build out Team Workspaces, spearheaded AMAs and Office Hours to bring the team along for the journey, and worked cross-functionally to ensure alignment. He also led the interview and creation process for Andela's Enterprise Guide to Remote Work — a comprehensive resource for getting distributed environments right.

As anyone who has partnered with Gary will tell you, there's no scope too narrow nor wide for him to up-level when it comes to strategy, operations, ways of working, and collaboration.”
Darren Murph— VP Workplace Design & Remote Experience, Andela
(Now Technology Strategy Communications at Ford)

“Gary’s work at ACCA to lead the adoption of Microsoft 365 and Teams and to develop the strategy and content for future ways of working was effective and impactful — he led the work bottom up, creating buy-in through the development of an adoption community whilst also providing a strategic steer at leadership level. Gary quickly established himself as a go to person for people at all levels within the organisation.

His ability to quickly build rapport, establish credibility and add value is impressive. He has a calm and understated manner, he listens actively and delivers high quality content, guidance and analysis in response to business problems.

Gary is a pleasure to work with, he is exceptionally talented and a pioneer in the world of remote / hybrid working — he would add value to any organisation and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Nicola Parkes — Head of Market Execution, ACCA

"Gary understood the aims and was able to help us position the technology to support our culture change. It was not technology for the sake of it; Gary was able to help us use the technology in the best way for the purpose of meeting our objectives.

Very quickly, Gary became a trusted partner, working alongside all our people but especially those in our Culture & Engagement and People teams. He worked not only as a partner, delivering some of the change, but also as a trusted advisor to many. As a result, we moved the needle much faster than we otherwise would have and always felt we had an expert on hand."
Julie Hotchkiss  — Executive Director of People & Transformation, ACCA

"Gary's leadership and vision made the launch of a crowdsourcing platform at Three possible. He saw the potential for open innovation and had the knowledge, expertise and influence to make it happen. He was instrumental in providing technical and strategic support, always giving us his time and attention to solve problems and offer ideas. It's always a pleasure working with Gary."

Brooke Rutherford— Director of Marketing, Comms and Operations, London App Developers

“The Wellbeing in Tech session was amazing. Honestly, even better than the LinkedIn Learning courses. Super actionable with great ideas!”

Stacey Overturf — Director, Training and Enablement, Ansira

"Gary has been instrumental in changing how teams at ACCA work. Through a period of huge disruption and change his ability to inspire, advise and support practical changes has seen us completely shift our ways of working to become remote first. He was pivotal in the creation and rollout of our ways of working playbook which teams across the globe use as a reference point to improve meetings, productivity and better adopt the technology we've invested in.

Gary seamlessly connects the dots and encourages use of the tools to ensure that remote and digital first are not at the expense of work/life balance."

Amber Kirkbride — Change & Implementation Lead, ACCA

"Gary is a great ideas person. He is constantly in touch with new innovation in ways of working and technology. He's business savvy with a strong delivery mindset. Gary grabbed the opportunity to build the people digital tools area in Three, creating a digital employee experience and fully distributed teams from nothing."

John Hayes— Director of Engineering, Spotify

"Gary spoke at our Employee Experience Forum in London and was the most highly rated speaker among his peers. Both his content and presentation style were excellent and he added valuable experience and knowledge to our 100+ senior HR attendees looking for ways in which to enhance their employee experience."

Sakhi Spencer — Gartner

Be in great company
I've helped some of the world’s finest organisations adopt remote and hybrid work